moore.jpg There seems to be a distinct rise, of late, in online game publications that have magazine-like layout. You may well have heard of The Escapist, which does it in a browser, and The Gamer's Quarter, which does it PDF stylee, and now there's also Disposable Media, which is a joint gaming/music free PDF zine.

As an RLLMUK Forum post notes, the third issue is out now, and includes " interview with Tsietisin (the man who created the home made Revolution controller), a discussion on the evolution of the Mario Kart series, a look at the role of music in video games."

Also on the mag's website, if you haven't spotted it before, there's an Xbox 360 launch special mini-issue, which has some fun stuff on the tumultuous UK launch, alongside a suitably gnomic Peter Moore caricature (pictured above). We always want more Moore, honest.