disaff.gif The good citizens at game-art-fiction weblog Grand Text Auto have noted the release of Persuasive Games' Disaffected!, "a parodical critique of working life at FedEx Kinko’s", wibbling in a state of high theoretical alert: "Will FedEx deliver a threatening legal letter to Persuasive Games?... What will happen when late-generation situationists take the game into FedEx Kinko’s and play, or invite employees to play with them?"

In related news, MTV News has also posted an excellent piece on the game which quotes creator Ian Bogost as suggesting of the free PC/Mac title: "We had two goals... One was to parody this experience that I think is universal enough to customers of that store that I think it will be well-received and we can have a laugh. But also to dig under that and say, 'What's going on here?... Is it just a bunch of seditious kids who couldn't care less about their jobs? Are they getting paid crappy wages and are disinclined to get their job done well?'."

We at GSW could tell you, but, well, we can't be bothered. But we did notice that Persuasive Games have also completed a Coldstone Creamery employee training game, which focused "on the issue [of] portion sizes and their relationship to profitability", and includes "ice cream viscosity model for accurate scooping." Did Persuasive's corporate game design experience drive them to become 'seditious kids'? Probably not, but it's fun to speculate.