defcon.jpg Over at Eurogamer, the inestimable Kieron Gillen chats to Introversion about its new PC indie title, Defcon, the title from the creator of Uplink and Darwinia that's previously been referenced on GSW.

As Gillen explains in his intro: "Essentially, [Defcon] is a real-time tactical game charting a nuclear falling out between the world's superpowers, a multiplayer game with a multibillion death-count."

And, as Introversion co-founder Chris Delay explains: "We've gone for a very minimal atmosphere, with some wonderful ambient music playing (written by Alistair Lindsay and Michael Maidment - the same guys that did the awesome Darwinia audio). There's very little in-game sound except deep rumbles when nukes hit. It's like you're ten miles underground in a bunker, bringing the world to an end one city at a time, completely detached from the millions of deaths you are causing." Sounds on the intense side?