dandy.gif The recently launched VintageComputing site comes up trumps again with a retrospective of Atari Program Exchange game Dandy Dungeon, which was "a 1983 release... written by then-MIT-student John Palevich."

The game is particularly interesting becase - well, we'll let VintageComputing explain: "At first glance, [Dandy Dungeon] appears to be a Gauntlet clone with primitive graphics (the Gauntlet of which I speak is the 1985 Atari Games arcade release), but it turns out that Gauntlet, not Dandy, is the clone."

Indeed, the Wikipedia page for Gauntlet backs this up, as does the AtariProtos.com article on follow-up Dark Chambers which notes: "Ed Logg created his arcade mega hit Gauntlet, using Dandy as inspiration. John was none too happy about this and planned to file a lawsuit, but later settled out of court (rumor has it he received a free Gauntlet machine)." Nonetheless, the VintageComputing article goes on to explain how Logg was inspired by but actually improved Dandy Dungeon's gameplay - so, a happy ending for all, then?