ddrs.jpg Over at long-time Dance Dance Revolution fanhome DDR Freak, something remarkable has happened - the announcement of a new DDR arcade incarnation in the U.S., named Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova.

According to the official statement: "[Konami arcade distributor] Betson Enterprises and DDR Freak are proud to announce that the newest DDR arcade game, DDR Super Nova, is coming to North American arcades (EU also possibly), and very soon. We're sure you all have many many questions about the game, and we'll be giving you more information as we get it, including news about the upcoming location tests, so watch this space!"

Little more is known, other than the title allegedly being developed by Konami of Japan, and commenters at GamesAreFun seem guardedly happy, with mkelehan noting: "Take DDR Extreme JP, add the new songs added to the series since then, and you've got a monstrous mix already. It's incredibly stupid that Konami didn't do this two years ago, but it's great that they're finally getting around to it."