left-behind.jpg U.S. PC game magazine CGW has published an intriguing article on Christian online video game clans via 1UP, and in it, quotations from many hardcore gamer Christians reveal a pleasingly openminded view of game morals.

According to the piece: "'We view games as just games," says Kendrick Kenerly, founder of +CGO+, Christian Gamers Online. "They all boil down to a few things: They have a goal, they have a reward for the goal, and they have a set of rules that need to be followed to reach the goal. The violence in most games isn't something we get worked up about. It's merely 'presentation'...'"

Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games, who GSW has recently mentioned, also gets in some choice quotes in the article: "Radio and television gave ministries the ability to reach millions simultaneously worldwide. Online games are just the latest in communications technology, so it's natural to assume such virtual communities will be used to bring together large numbers of people for a variety of purposes, including prayer." Praying for felicitous results in the next item drop, you mean?