gandhi.jpg Another very pertinent TomChick news post over at QuarterToThree reveals that Civilization IV modding has got well under way, with the delightful news of "a mod that adds Protestantism as a religion founded by the first civ to research the new Luther's Reformation tech." But that's not all: "Unlike all the other boring religions, Protestantism gives its founding city 5x trade and culture production. That's because everybody wants to visit the Protestants and they love their stuff."

Meanwhile, over on the Apolyton forums for fan site, we have users called 'FuzzyBunny' asking Civ IV religion-related questions which start out with the wonderfully surreal: "At the moment, I'm the founder of all the major religions..." Forget about 'Hot Coffee', wait 'til The 700 Club gets hold of this firecracker!

[And, yes, Martin Luther looks a bit Indian in the picture accompanying this post, but it was the best we could do on short notice.]