soccer.jpg The results of a Stanford University competition that encourages innovative and wackily designed games, as part of the CS248 course at the university, have just been officially announced, and first prize winner is the terrifying Deadly Soccer Ball in which you should apparently ...imagine yourself as a space soccer ball shooting missiles around." Done!

But, though we think Baron von Puttyngton versus the Cancerous M.C. Escher Maze of Cheese should have won on name alone, the special 'Wackiest Game' prize for the most creative title, and winner of an Xbox 360 thanks to space soccer ball monopolist Electronic Arts, is Labyrin3D."

According to the official site, Labyrin3D is "A takeoff on the familiar Labyrinth(tm) board game... [which] takes advantage of a special sensor in Apple Powerbooks and allows the user to tilt the board simply by tilting the laptop itself!" But if you drop it, can you lose the ball? [Via SlashGames.]