tek5.jpg UK game-ish site Noooz has expanded its normal linklog coverage to present impressions from the 2006 ATEI arcade show, which was held in London this week, and there are plenty of handy impressions of new arcade titles (plus more to come) from hardened arcade veterans.

The first instalment checks out Time Crisis 4 ("F*cking awesome. Right now, there are two GREAT gun games in the arcades. One is Sega's Ghost Squad, the other is Namco's Time Crisis 4"), plus the new Fist Of The North Star fighter ("Watching the game, it looks like a Guilty Gear clone. Playing it tells another story. Firstly, it's a good game. So you can relax"), as well as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ("All who played it gave it a favourable response, as proven by the nasty scuff that appeared in the hand resting area by the joysticks (it smelt too).")

Oh, and also - it's rumor time, thanks to a Namco representative that Noooz talked to at ATEI who claimed "that Time Crisis 4 is currently aiming to be a European launch title for PS3 and current talk within the company is that it will hit around March 2007 and be format exclusive." Please apply pinch of salt now, although that really doesn't sound unlikely.