deadly.jpg" The wags at keep coming up with the retro goods, and their latest is an intricate guide to Deadly Towers for the NES, a dungeon-crawling action game that many consider one of the worst games ever.

The game is certainly tedious: "Some of the first enemies you encounter in the game require you to stand in the same spot for a minute, hitting them about fifty times with your wimpy starting sword to kill them."

But RedWolf's 'best friend', who got obsessed with the title in 2003, beat the title without cheating, and "not only completed the game entirely, but mapped all of its completely useless dungeons (which you don’t even have to enter to beat the game), and found most, if not all, of the secret exits in the towers, which contain special weapon upgrades and the like."

Thus, Vintage Computing has compiled the hand-drawn maps in PDF form, explaining: "Their format might also give you more of an idea as to what an epic accomplishment this really is. The intrepid artist’s name? Ben Johnson. From now on, let these be known as The Johnson Maps." How noble - the additionally scanned notes ("1st Left -> on 1st chipmunk level, far right, hyper boots") are also a great 'help'.