rvb.jpgIf you've got a flair for writing and an understanding of the art, science or culture of Machinima, you may consider pitching an essay to Henry Lowood (Stanford U) and Michael Nitsche (Georgia Tech), editors of the forthcoming tome "The Machinima Reader." The Reader will focus on Machinima through a variety of lenses intended to appeal to academics, artists and critics alike.

"In a repetition of early cinema's history," write the editors in their call for papers, "many of Machinima's milestones are formulated as mixtures of artistic expression and technical achievements...Consequently, we are looking for essays that address a range of topics." The editors currently seek 500-word abstracts exploring such topics as culture, technology, communities, and art--you've got until April 3, 2006 to submit. Full details and contact information are in the above Stanford Humanities Lab link.