bc.jpg Brit nrrrd game site NTSC-uk has a fun new article up charting the decline of the UK video game import store. As the intro claims: "See I grew up, like many of you, on a diet of ‘stunning oak effect’ Ataris, Fire Ants, Dizzy Eggs, Hadoouuukkenns and vomit-coloured carpet at the local Amusements. Yet it was only the other day; after seeing hanging board upon hanging board of ‘Reserve your Xbox 360 for only £900 the deeds to your house and your immortal soul’, a horrid realisation bore into my guts and clawed up into my brain. Import Stores in the UK are dead."

A little more whine with your cheese? Well: "The store (while it should be applauded for its selection of games) was as sterile as a fresh hypodermic, and twice as painful. Japanese titles, packed tidily into tight white coffins with price tags that smirked at your wallet and winked at your bank manager stained the walls." We can only hazard a guess as to who he's referring to, but it's entertaining, in any case. Any UK natives care to comment on whether import gaming retail has, to reference a parrot sketch, 'run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible'?