sand.jpg A forum post over at Insert Credit reveals, thanks to Kunster, a link to a Japanese in-browser Java game, 'World Of Sand' (scroll down to see it). As the translation of the info for this 'software toy' explains: "It involves playing with sand, water, salt, and oil as molecules of each fall from above. Use the mouse to draw walls for the materials to flow over and around. Ignite the play field with fire or a devastating(???) explosion. After allowing it to run for a while, I noticed that the ball of sand grew bigger as it collected the materials that poured over it."

Though not scored as a game, other Java toys by the same author include a 'destroy the slug using salt' game and an 'extinguish the fire with sand' software toy, both of which also use the mouse to draw walls and affect the game. Also, looks like all three game-toys were built with neat art/code tool Processing, which we recently mentioned as being used to create Unreal-related fine art.