wallguy.jpg Over at 1UP, staff member and blogger Jared Rea has put up some typical 'X Of The Year' shenanigans. Woo? But if you skip the relatively straightforward first part, the second, more unconventional 'top list' for 2005 has some fun choices.

These would include the 'Beyond Good and Evil Award' for 'not enough consumer attention' going to the neato Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, the 'Sin and Punishment Award' for "the title which claimed the hearts of "hardcore" fanboys around the world, despite the game in fact, being garbage or quite frankly, nothing special" going to... Shadow of the Colossus (hide, Jared, hide!), and 'Mr and Mrs. 2005' going, sweetly enough, to Wallace Guyford and Hillary Clinton. We now pause for applause.