vfesco.jpg Esco, an amateur martial arts actor who's done mocap and voices for Devil May Cry 3, has put up a very nice feature on Higher Voltage about the Virtua Fighter Eyetoy. VF Eyetoy is one of the games that comes on the Sega Superstars disc, and according to Esco, the most enjoyable. He tested the limits of the Eyetoy's ability to register by using real (often gravity-defying) martial arts. As Esco says: "Virtua Fighter can be great fun, great exercise, even great therapy, all depending on how much energy you put into it. If it's not fun, that's YOUR fault."

Previously, he did a nice feature on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, which is similarly gonzo-yet-organized, and goes through a number of games, with original screens of each. Is Esco the mark a new breed of fit 'outsider' game journalist? Time will - or will not - tell.