videogameart.jpg The latest game-related book to wander into GameSetWatch's hands is Assouline's Video Game Art, which is a thick 320 page paperback-sized artbook filled with renders, concept art, and other smart graphics from recent games, edited by Nic Kelman, whose fiction title Girls was apparently highly regarded when published a couple of years back.

In any case, there are some good choices of games to feature in the artbook, from Psychonauts through Samurai Western, though with two or three pages for each game, you're often left wanting more, and the end-of-book 'game timeline' is a tad on the inaccurate side. But the gorgeous lenticular cover, alternating Solid Snake and Abe from Oddworld, catches the eye, the preface from Henry Jenkins is illuminating, and Kelman's prose declaiming games as an art form is nothing new to the game world, but more pleasing if seen from an art world perspective (and Assouline, indeed, make art books.) Games are art... books, then?