ukr.jpg We adore the guys over at former Sega Saturn fansite, and current hotbed of hilarious lies and sedition, UK Resistance, and their latest feature is a damning indictment of the horrors of piracy. Isn't it?

Or, err, hang on: "Pirated games usually do work... If pirated games are rubbish, it doesn't really matter!" Wait, you.. uh, let's read on. " Widespread piracy among the poor means they have more money to spend on alcohol and cigarettes, shaving up to 10 years from their life expectancy -- saving the taxpayer money in the long run." Good point, there. What else? "Making the 50 Cent game available for free will greatly affect its profitability, thus making the prospect of a sequel less likely." Haw. Clearly, not entirely serious, but now their Blue Sky in Games campaign has taken off, everyone will be believing everything Commander Zorg and friends say, if we're not careful.