toko.jpg Sometimes it's surprising how few original-IP games for Sony's PSP there are, but Game Informer's preview and interview regarding Tecmo's cute-looking Tokobot, a PSP title that features you controlling "the cutest little robots since Megaman", making them "wipe out anything that gets in their way", is a welcome note of third-party originality.

Although GI's preview sadly indicates: "the game manages to shoot itself in the foot in several key areas – first and foremost being the camera", we still have some hope for its potential botacularness, and, as Tokobot producer and Fatal Frame don Keisuke Kikuchi comments: " I just wanted to make a game specifically for PSP. So far, there are several titles available for PSP, but many of them can be found on PlayStation 2. Mostly, what I wanted to do was create a PSP specific game." Hurrah for that, and roll on, more PSP originals.