pacrally.jpg Over at IGN, there's confirmation of Toc-Man's appearance as one of the kart riders in Namco's forthcoming Pac-Man World Rally - the official bio explains: "Toc-Man was built by a ghost named Orson who found himself an outcast in Pac-Land due to his drab, gray color. In an attempt to be accepted in the colorful ghost community, he constructed the suit out of bright yellow scrap metal and became Toc-Man." Wow, very Darth Vader. But... are you up to date on your Pac-Man mythology?

Orson was created for the Namco Hometek-developed Pac-Man World series, and in an interview with Pac-Man World designer Scott Rogers, it's explained of this relatively recent (1999!) addition: "As for Orson, the original draft of the cinematics was based on the classic movie, "Citizen Kane." Orson is named after "Kane"'s director, Orson Welles." Rogers also revealed that Toc-Man's name "was my [reverse-lettered] nod to Namcot, Namco's original name." Oh, and some sex change controversy: "According to all of [Namco Japan's] marketing material and model sheets, [former guy ghost] Pinky is [current girl ghost!] Sue."

But who are we getting for the bonus riders? Our vote goes to Pac-Man's dog, Chomp-Chomp, as seen in the early '80s cartoon that the arcade game Pac-Land was based on. In any case, more Pac-Man fever can be found in the latest issue of Game Developer magazine, which includes a Toru Iwatani-penned postmortem of the original arcade game.