archon.jpg Remember classic '80s EA-published video game Archon? Sure you do. Well, the guys at the Vintage Computing weblog certainly do, and they've posted an incredibly detailed analysis of the game, including exhaustive information on creature stats, hit points, and damage.

Post writer Medarch explains: "Billed as a combination action/strategy game upon its release in 1983, Archon ends up being far more action-oriented, but the diversity of characters from the fantasy realm and their combat attributes the game employs should be enough to dazzle any self-respecting game geek... I have exposed Archon’s mechanisms and hidden numbers through days of experimentation with the game’s original and best version, that for the Atari 800."

So, if you wanted to know hit points by square color for every piece in the game, now there's a special graph that handily maps it for you - score. Oh, and if you want to know what at least one of the creators is up to, sister site Gamasutra recently interviewed Archon co-creator Paul Reiche III, who went on to create Star Control 2 and now heads up Activision-acquired developer Toys For Bob.