snake-luigi.jpg Bneely sends over this amusing letter to the editors of Game Informer magazine from the perceptive, albeit somewhat confused 'giant_moose', who writes: "It was a nice surprise to see Luigi on the cover of the December issue, stepping out of the shadow of his elder brother. The new art style is certainly very different, but I'm sure I'll get used to it in time just as I did with Link." He continues, however: "The graphics are breathtaking (especially for the DS!) but the two plumbers should be leaping through candy-colored fantasy worlds, not skulking in the shadows of ruined buildings. And the huge guns!"

giant_moose then frets: "I know Nintendo needs to innovate and reach out to teen gamers -- and I applaud their lending the Donkey Kong franchise to Michel Ancel, whose new game looks excellent -- but in this case they've gone too far." But seriously, which auteurs would you like to see take control of Nintendo franchises, even if a 'misunderstanding' has led to this particular letter?