guit.jpg One of the success stories, at least in terms of buzz, for this holiday gaming season is Harmonix and RedOctane's Guitar Hero, which we've covered previously here on GameSetWatch. But a new MTV News article on the game has a couple of little tidbits that are too delicious not to excerpt.

In particular, Harmonix's Greg LoPiccolo considered The Ramones' 'I Wanna Be Sedated' as a song he was "morally obligated" to put in the game, explaining:"Lots of 10- and 12-year-old kids are going to buy this game. It's our mission to make sure they learn about music they might not otherwise hear about."

In addition, the game's producer "...said the sound producers went to great lengths to make the recordings accurate. When they read that the fluctuations in Ozzy Osbourne's voice on Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" were created by having the singer perform from the other side of a spinning metal fan, they tracked down the same model fan through Craig's List and re-created the vocal effect." Not just sound-a-like, but fan-a-like, then? Impressive.