cubo.jpg There's a just-completed eBay auction that may baffle and delight both Amiga and arcade fans, since it comprises the 'Cubo CD32', which is "an Amiga CD 32 modded by an italian company "CD express" to fit in a JAMMA arcade cabinet."

We'd never even heard of such a thing before, but of course, thanks to the power of the Interweb, there's an info website for the Cubo CD32, which explains in adorably fractured English: "Basically this is a CD32 with a card to translate informations for an arcade machine use. So the card is the joypad... and actually a couple of new infos like the arcade dip switches are sent to the CD32." Of course, the puzzle/quiz games created exclusively for it don't look _that_ hot, but hey - oddities are always endearing.