pandaking.jpg Stephen Totilo of MTV News continues to crank out some fun articles, and his latest, on 'The Year In Video Games: 2005's Greatest Gaming Moments', has picked some fun moments from this year's more interesting games.

Among his highlights, Totilo includes 'sketching one's own wanted poster' in Quantic Dream's Indigo Prophecy ("The goals of escape and apprehension naturally conflict. So what is the player to do when, in a detective level, they are given the task of drawing an accurate police sketch of the wanted suspect?") and 'arguing with the Panda King' in Sucker Punch's under-rated Sly 3 ("Players take control of the Panda King, a "Sly 2" villain wracked with doubt about his allegiances in the new game. To sort things out, the player must take control of the Panda King, point him at a mirror and make him win an argument with his own reflection.") So, rather than just a list of games, a list of moments in games is rather more piquant, no?