coolcomp.jpg Over here at GameSetWatch, we just got a copy of new gaming book The A-Z Of Cool Computer Games, as published by very British publisher Allison & Busby, and it's, well, a very British book about classic video games, with a couple of pages covering each entry in categories like classic games, hardware, 'social mores', and paraphenalia.

Since yours truly is British, and grew up in the eras of the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore Amiga, a title whose glossy photo pages start with a picture of Carrier Command and continue by showing Daley Thompson's Decathlon is great by me.

The author, Jack Railton, whose real name is Jack Kibble-White, is a co-founder of cult UK TV website TV Cream, and certainly knows his nostalgia - from the BBC Micro to Knight Lore. Perhaps it's a little self-indulgent and a tad unfocused, but it's a fun, entertaining book for UK natives, and those wanting to investigate where UK tastes differed from American in the nascent days of the game biz.