awds.jpg Interestingly enough, some of the best U.S. writers on games spring from the more cerebral, PC-oriented end of the spectrum, which is one of the reasons that Computer Games Magazine, lackluster design notwithstanding, is possibly the best-written multi-format video game mag currently available in the States. A regular CGM contributor of late is Troy Goodfellow, and he recently posted an end-of-year strategy game wrap-up on his personal blog that's a must for those wanting to know what's up with the genre.

Goodfellow exclaims: "It's been a good year for strategy games. The best indie game of the year is a strategy game. The best game of the year is a strategy game. The best budget game of the year is a wargame", and goes on to recommend a host of PC titles, while also noting: "Even if it leads to the end of AAA turn-based strategy titles for the PC, the continuing success of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is now coupled with the excellent Advance Wars and better than expected Shattered Union."