bb.jpg Although it's only a 'soft launch', PopTop Software founder Phil Steinmeyer has announced that his casual PC game, Bonnie's Bookstore, is now available to Club PopCap members.

Steinmeyer, formerly known for his work on Tropico and later versions of the Railroad Tycoon series, is notable for his public change of development style, offering plenty of comments and feedback on his path from independent development company owner to sole-proprietor casual game maker: "Casual games offer really quick development times. My last full retail PC game, Railroad Tycoon 3, took about 2.5 years to develop with a 13 person team, and that was considered quite small. This new game will be done in about 4 months with a 2 person team (myself and a very talented artist). Very refreshing." True to form, Bonnie's Bookstore looks suitably devious and charming - PopCap plus ex-PopTop = TopFun?