merov.jpg Those reprobates at SomethingAwful are counting down 'The Five Worst Gaming Articles of 2005' (and, yes, idolizing OldManMurray in the process). Though their two top articles, to be revealed Monday, "were both written by the same person and neither one is actually from 2005", positions 5 through 3 are announced today, with an overly effusive PlanetGameCube Mario Tennis review, an arguably non-judgmental Black & White 2 preview via GameSpot, and Kieron Gillen's ecstatic write-up of Darwinia for Eurogamer being the lucky winners.

Article writer Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons certainly seems to hate Kieron's invective, suggesting: "Not even a Pitchfork Media review can cram in this baffling density of freshman-grade twaddle. You could write a gushing review of "Time Code" as a concrete poem shaped like a moebius strip and you would still be a galaxy away from Kieron's review of Darwinia." Oh, and The Escapist gets a good bashing later on, too: "The Escapist is what becomes of horrible gaming journalism when it makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously and considering itself too hip." Still, apparently "2005 marks yet another terrible year in the unending saga of mediocrity that is gaming journalism" from both a lowbrow _and_ highbrow angle, so... at least game writers are extending the breadth of their wrongdoing?