cov.jpg Apparently, The Carnival Of Gamers game weblog post compiler has made a stop at GameChair, and one of the objects of its affection is 'So I Married A Superhero' on Kill Ten Rats, a blog post about what happens when one's wife plays along with your obsessions and gets addicted to City Of Heroes.

As is explained: "My wife hated MMOs. Before we got married, she saw them as competition for limited attention." But now, apparently the contented MMO family games together, and story writer Zubon mentions: "City of Villains is coming, and it brings bases with it. We more or less stopped playing back in July, and I asked if she was interested. “What have I been talking about for the last year? I get to have a Pony Lair and a Pony Car, and I can make the villainous Evil Pony Lady!" He concludes: "So, yes, I need to go pre-order City of Villains. My marriage depends on it." A good thing? Well, certainly a good thing for Cryptic, at any rate.