nba.jpg Wired News continues to employ a motley crew of chancers for its game content (just kidding, Chris!), but it turns out that 'Internet humorist' and game geek Lore Sjoberg, noted for both amusing cartoons, The Book Of Ratings, and, of course, The Bjork Song, has just written a review of GameSpot's G.A.M.E. consumer show for the Wired guys, and it's rather witty, natch.

Yet beyond pure sass, and having presumably seen NBA Live for Xbox 360, Lore is dead on with his concluding prediction: "The big question that comes out of a show like this is always, "What's next?" What's on the horizon for the games industry? What will we see on our screens in 2006? The answer appears to be "sweat." Judging from the demos and previews, the best minds of the game industry are hard at work even now to make the next generation of games the most glistening, dripping, juicy form of home entertainment since pornography hit VHS." Perspiration is inspiration!