sandm.gif The fine fellows at TellTale Games, ex-LucasArts veterans and responsible for the indie 'Bone: Out From Boneville' PC adventure title, have teamed up with Steve Purcell and released the first Sam 'N Max online comic strip. This felicitous event is to help commemorate the forthcoming Sam 'N Max game titles, of which TellTale comment that "... the agreement [with Purcell] is wide ranging, so you will likely see content in expected (interactive PC game in 2006) and un-expected places (a garish tattoo on Grandma’s neck?)"

In fact, TellTale have also just added limited edition Sam 'N Max art prints and a T-shirt, both of which are pretty gorgeous for fans of the tearaway duo, first immortalized in game form in the classic LucasArts adventure. A recent Purcell interview at Gamasutra has more on the history of the dog-rabbit-chimera's creator.