GRRRRR!!!Sega's free-roaming, dark action brawler Ryu Ga Gotoku, a game commonly referred to as a spiritual successor to Shenmue (sans neutered protagonist), is clearly meant for adults. Adults with vices, that is. Whether they be liquor, tobacco, or the company of rented women, hard living Japanese will probably feel right at home with the game -- or at least with its marketing campaign. To enforce the notion that video games aren't just for kids, and that grown-ups needn't limit themselves to brain exercise software and train engineering sims, Sega is going "adults only" to hype the game's December release.

Partnering with Zippo and Tsutaya Shibuya, Sega will provide gamers with Ryu Ga Gotoku branded cigarette lighters, as well as shot glasses and an attache case for discrete, on-the-go boozing. Famitsu reports that they've also installed demos of the game at Club Ray, a hostess bar that will let you play with an attentive lady for a small fee.

Additionally, as well as some very cool Takashi Miike short films promoting the project, Sega is also encouraging its more fashionable customers to experience the game through their SegaDirect Web site with a limited edition set of shirts. Designed by Cropped Heads, whose specialty is Japanese thug wear-cum-souvenir satin jackets, they carry a price tag of 6900 yen. That's more than the actual game, for which no North American release has been set - though Sega of America does have the title on its press site, under the moniker "Ogre". We'll be waiting with bated whiskey breath and yellow fingernails for any updates!