rushjet1.gif Via Vorc, an awesome NES-chip retro MP3 release from key net.label 8bitpeoples, in the form of RushJet1's 'Sounds Of The 2A03'. The release txt explains: "Using [NES composition tools] MCK and MML, RushJet1 has crafted an eclectic collection spanning 8 crazy, upbeat anthems and slow, droning NES rock songs. Space battle frenzy hyper melancholy mode washing over you into overdrive with Konami flavor!"

In addition, a post by RushJet1 on the forums has more information on the NES chip fun, noting that 'Konamized' "took forever. it sounds like konami! sort of", and linking to the original .NSF versions of the tracks (as opposed to the MP3 versions on the 8bitpeoples website.)