rubrabbit.jpg The online arm of GameStop-owned U.S. magazine Game Informer has posted a hands-on preview of Sega/Sonic Team's The Rub Rabbits for DS, the title famously known as 'Where Do Babies Come From?' back East (there's actually a playable .SWF demo of one of the levels on Sega's official Japanese website for the game.)

Anyhow, the folks at GI note: "Sonic Team doubled the number of mini games from 19 to 38" for this sequel to Feel The Magic: XY/XX, and also explains some of the wacky subgames: "Shoot blow darts at falling rivals by blowing into the microphone, knock out buddies and bury them in the snow before a bear eats them, kick away hearts sent over by the chick you don’t like, or even lead piranhas away from your bathing gal by sticking your finger into the water." Maybe we'll get more Feel The Magic cosplay from delighted fans for the sequel, if we're lucky?