snatcher.jpg Over at Segagaga Domain, the good folks have been continuing to churn out new volumes of Retro Core, an "...on-Line/DVD retro games show that specializes in the Japanese classics from days gone by. Retro Core aims to bring you what other games shows would never touch... [and] bring you not only the hits of the past but also many Japanese only titles that you may have missed first time round."

In fact, the latest edition, newly available on, is Retro Core Volume 15, which includes video of the unreleased Clockwork Knight 3 for Saturn, alongside Retro Core's Super Famicom Top 10 and a Snatcher special, with looks at the Saturn, Mega CD and MSX versions, plus a special Xmas game of some kind. In other words, plenty of geekiness to go around. In fact, you can check out and download the rest of the Retro Core videos at the Internet Archive.