bbb.jpg Chronic Logic is a Santa Cruz-based developer that you might know from its IGF-winning 'ball o' tar' PC platform title Gish, but the firm has also created a number of other neat indie PC games, including the 'build 'em and break 'em' confabulation sim Bridge Construction Set.

Well, now everyone gets a chance to build their own montrosity, since Chronic Logic has announced a special Bridge Construction Set competition, which includes a free demo version of the level in question for Windows and Linux (and soon enough OS X!), and offers prizes in three categories: normal, expert, and 'artistic'. The full competition rules explain it all, but get ready to explore your inner Isambard Kingdom Brunel and win a suite of Chronic Logic's games for your "original, good-looking or crazy bridges", and damn the costs. [There's more bridge building fun and downloadable levels for the full version on the logically named]