Perplex CityPopular alternate reality game Perplex City will be expanded now that its maker, London-based Mind Candy, has received a hefty cash infusion. According to CNET, Mind Candy has scored $3M in funding after an initial round of $1.5M from Index Ventures.

While details of Perpex City's expansion are still under wraps, the game currently offers a real reward to the tune of $200,000 for the recovery of the fictional "Receda Cube," and reportedly enjoys the patronage of about 10,000 puzzle-hungry players. The game was launched early in 2005, and involves 256 illustrated puzzle cards of varying difficulty levels, available for purchase online and in retail stores around the world. Wherever Mind Candy's funding will take them, Perplex City's dedicated players are sure to follow.

Mind Candy's ARG producer Andrea Phillips recently stepped up to Gamasutra's Soapbox with her article "ARGs and How to Appeal to Female Gamers."