slhacks.jpg Though fellow GSW blogger TonyW is a bit more of a Second Life expert than I, there's a few SL 'virtual world'-related items that are worth compiling and mentioning in one post. So I will.

Firstly, according to the Second Life Future Salon, a recent virtual appearance by O'Reilly's Phillip Torrone confirmed the existence of a forthcoming 'Second Life Hacks' book. The exuberantly named Hank Hoodoo comments of the attached cover mock-up: "I really hope O'Reilly actually uses that spork on the cover of the real book."

Secondly, Linden Labs' company-funded 'embedded journalist' Hamlet Linden, actually exuberant OldManMurray-mauled bard Wagner James Au, has posted his personal selection of 2005's best 'New World Notes' from Second Life - therein you will find a delicate selection of mind-boggling prose dealing with SL's seamy overbelly this year.

Thirdly, and lastly, the Future Salon has announced an MTV Overdrive-sponsored SL fashion show, and the organizer, MTV's Glitchy Gumshoe, comments breathlessly of the show-to-be on MTV's online video network: "It's gonna be all about exploring and showcasing the doors of imagination that SL provides. This newfound 3d freedom that I sometimes take for granted, and is oft times brushed aside, by the media, and by myself for being too "trekkie."" Wait, are Trekkies 'out' again? Dammit, those Spock ears were expensive to attach.