addict.jpg The sometimes MMO-flavored, nowadays largely random folks over at Waterthread have posted a thought-provoking piece on game addiction. As the author, Joe Blancato, explains: "I had a buddy in high school; we’ll call him Rob. Rob was first addicted to computer games, namely Diablo and UO. God, he played for days on end.... Then, one day, Rob was done with UO. He renounced UO, in fact. Rob found something much better than UO, or even games in general. Rob found Jesus."

He continues: "Rob was a godhead for a while. Then, he got bored with the Bible and got into street racing; he was a racinghead. I’ve lost touch with Rob, but last I heard from some mutual friends, he was bouncing back and forth between Christ and StarCraft with metronome-like regularity. But that was Rob. Addictions were what he did. He’d never admit to it, but I think he was addicted to addiction."

So what does this prove? Joe argues: "Here’s the thing, though. Rob is a special case. He truly had impulse control problems. He couldn’t regulate his time on the internet. But can any of us?" You know, information flow is pretty addictive, especially when it comes to games. We just need to work out whether it's bad.