twitchr.jpg Tom Hume's blog has a very interesting new entry on a virtual pet environment built for Nokia cellphones, and called Twitchr. Hume explains that in the game, " birds visit your mobile phone. An application that resides on your handset gives you a window onto a "virtual garden", into which these birds will fly from time to time. To tempt them, you use an almost childishly simple one-click interface to drop pieces of seed on the ground; minutes or hours later, your handset flashes and tweets as a bird arrives, and you have a short window of opportunity to click again and snap a photo."

There's also further complexity, both local ("If you configure Bluetooth and "pair" your device with that of a Twitchr-playing friend, then birds can fly between your phones") and worldwide ("Once you're online, your phone becomes part of a massive digital environment: numbers of the various species rise and fall over time, new species can be introduced, and old ones become extinct.") Oh, and its name is a Flickr-inspired riff on a 'twitcher' - effectively an ornithological trainspotter.