nintendogs.jpg Joshuah Bearman very kindly slung us over a link to his recent L.A. Weekly column, discussing Nintendogs, which introduces the virtual pet concept neatly to non-geek readers by talking about parroting AI entity ELIZA, and even panders to the in-joke oriented among us by referencing Nintendogging, but more importantly, introduces the following priceless paragraph:

"It was at the Ashley Paige runway show during Fashion Week that I realized how
much I’d become bonded to my little buddy Ding Dong. A very lithe Bijou Philips was trotting toward the cameras in a $300 trim-tailored knit bikini, but I was busy opening a can of virtual wet food for Ding Dong, whom I’d just noticed was “famished,” “thirsty” and “filthy.” Oh my god, poor little Ding Dong — I’m sorry I forgot about you! Can you ever forgive me?"

Having sly reporters DS-ing during glamorous L.A. paparazzi events is presumably why Nintendo will conquer the universe, and maybe next time Paris Hilton loses her dog, she can be temporarily placated by playing with 'little Ding Dong'?