lui.jpg MTV News' Stephen Totilo continues to write some excellent articles for the site, which wasn't previously known for its game coverage, and the latest is up now, interviewing Nintendo of America translator Nate Bihldorff, part of the team that's renowned as one of the best game translation outfits around.

Particularly good? The following section: "A scene in "[Mario & Luigi:] Partners in Time" in which a star-shaped gatekeeper peers into Mario and Luigi's souls got particularly close attention. In the scene, the gatekeeper seems alarmed at whatever he hints at seeing in Luigi. "I remember that this text changed more than any other text in the game," Bihldorff said. The point of the scene, Bihldorff said, was to build Luigi up "as a guy who was always living in the shadow of his older brother and that he needs to break out of that mold sometimes. But the way the text was originally phrased it definitely made him sound like he had some deep dark secret that was awful. I think the powers that be were looking at it like, 'We don't want to paint Luigi as a bad guy here.' "" Right - we have Waluigi for that, after all.