blowme.jpg Are we bored with gaming T-shirts yet? Because there sure are a lot of them. On the non-obscure Japanese front, we like Busted Tees' latest 'Blow Me' NES cartridge shirt, which comes in both male and female flavors. [Via The-Inbetween.]

Actually, it's refreshing to see a T-shirt retailer that isn't _entirely_ game geek-related - the somewhat older Oregon Trail-referencing tee is one of the few other Busted shirts referencing games. Oh, talking of which, apparently Broderbund is still producing new versions of the classic educational title. "Develop solutions to help your friends and family survive the dangers of the long journey, including raging rivers, buffalo stampedes, sickness, and starvation." But... is the dysentery now in 32-bit splatterificosity? Inquiring minds want to know.