truecrimenyc.jpg This week's copy of wordy U.S. magazine The New Yorker has an interesting article featuring tour guides checking out Activision's True Crime: New York City by running around the virtual map.

The shocking expose reveals: "The guides noticed more peculiarities. Somehow, practically every statue in the city - George M. Cohan, in Duffy Square; the Maine Memorial, in Columbus Circle; Hans Christian Andersen, in Central Park—seemed to have become George Washington being sworn in on the steps of Federal Hall. The only place the guides couldn’t find him was on the steps of Federal Hall, because Federal Hall itself was missing." Oh, instancing, how dare you take away our fairy tale? In addition: "A quick check identified additional absentee landmarks, including the Apollo Theatre, the Intrepid, and New Jersey. (True Crime’s Battery Park City has fabulous views of the open ocean.)" Score!