Metal Gear Ac!d 2 goes on sale tomorrow in Japan, sporting a bold, cel-shaded graphical style and a tacked on gimmick in the form of the Solid Eye -- a massive peripheral that attaches to the PSP's face, letting players see much of the game displayed in pseudo-3D. It's the same turn-based, card-derived, strategic-stealth gameplay you love, but now with a fresh look, gratuitous amounts of gravure model ogling, and titillating cross-promotion.

AC!D 2's shameless inclusion of feminine eye candy was done in collaboration with Sabra, a Japanese men’s magazine. Konami's corporate games blog has published profiles of two of the included "AC!D Girls", Ayumi Kinoshita and Natsume Sano, with a third to follow. All girls can be "collected" via the games card system and viewed in 3D with the included goggle attachment.

Upping the game's cheesecake factor are the inclusion of special Rumble Roses cards, which will allow the player to perform moves on enemies taken from Konami's T&A wrestling title. As the co-lead character Venus is outfitted with a criminally short skirt and thigh high boots, expect to see lots of convenient camera angles alongside said moves.

Look for Kojima and the Metal Gear team to further express their penchant for pin-ups with Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence, which features playable Rumble Roses wrestlers online.