tommy.jpg A recent press release from Nvidia and Yahoo! has revealed that machinima music videos are the 'new freshness', following the high profile of MTV2's Video Mods. In this unrelated debut, it's explained: "Yahoo! Artist Mods showcases today's coolest music video artists using digitized models of the artists, stage sets, and instruments. To become "virtual directors," with control over backgrounds, lighting, and camera angles, users can download the ModMaker rendering engine from the Nvidia nZone Web site. Once a new video is finished, users can replay their creation and share it with a friend by email.."

The official Yahoo! Artist Mods page has more info, plus a link to the first two artists, Tommy Lee's "Good Times" and The Disturbed's "Just Stop". Yep, you too can "...check out the animated Tommy Lee as he travels in a Chevy HHR from city streets to the beach and back again" - and try to spot the advertising plug cunningly hidden in that previous description.