aiden.jpg The caring, but resolutely square-eyed pater familias-es over at GamerDad have posted 8-year-old Aiden Parker's impressions of his first gaming convention, over at the Southern California version of papergaming/RPG event GenCon. According to the article: "Aiden's favorite things (in no particular order) were the ‘real' Stormtroopers walking around the show, City of Villains, and playing Pokémon with Dad."

Since children do appear to be our future, it's good to see careful nurturing of a collaborative, non-ganking spirit in the young, and, as the author (and Aiden's dad!) concludes: "As a veteran... E3 attendee, it was refreshing to participate in a show where other humans, rather than screens, were the focus. There was a markedly friendlier vibe to GenCon; a more open, warm, and inviting crowd. At the close of my post-show interview, I asked Aiden whether he would rather play his favorite video game by himself, or a board game with his friends. His answer – a hopeful beacon of light for the next generation – was "I'd rather play with my friends, Dad.""