last-callt.jpg The cross-media 'alternate reality game' named Last Call Poker, which, as you might have heard, was a promotion devised by 4orty Two Entertainment for Neversoft and Activision's original-IP Western game Gun, wrapped up recently at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California, and ARGN has a write-up of the final send-off, explaining: "The story [which was started on the 'Last Call Poker' website] was the final wish of Lionel “Lucky” Brown, a fictional character who passed away earlier this year, and a portion of his estate was used to celebrate his life, with wakes held at six of his favorite cemeteries throughout the United States... dozens of players from throughout the United States and Canada came together to celebrate his life and play one last round of poker... Tombstone style."

Not content with just that, ARGN follows up with a transcript of an IRC chat with the Puppetmasters behind Last Call Poker, with 4orty 2wo's Elan Lee mentioning of their employers: "We got lots of feedback from Activision both in the early phases of design and as the game went on. They were quite pleased at the game's ability to reach an audience traditional marketing would not be able to. They also were very happy that we were able to remove the "Western Cooties" from a genre that's had trouble attracting an audience in the past few years." Ew, Western cooties!