cl.jpg Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts II, finally launching on December 22 in Japan and 2006 in the West, is the most lusted-over game for Japanese consumers this holiday season, and keeps peeling away surprise after surprise, from Pirates Of The Caribbean characters through a Tron level, which is now confirmed to include a light cycle sequence, thank God, according to IGN's handy Shonen Jump translation.

But more keen acolytes will have spotted a couple of pictures from the Shonen Jump preview, popping up on naughty French site Jeux-France, and as well as guest appearances from Lilo & Stitch, the piece reveals a special guest summon attack that features... Chicken Little, the star of Disney's equivocally received new CG movie? The end is, indeed, near - keep tuned to Kingdom Hearts Insider, if there's actually any information left to reveal.