cs.jpg Competitive FPS gaming site GotFrag has a very interesting new story that attempts to "take a look at the similarities [between] chess strategies and Counter-Strike [strategies]" in various ways. Well, interesting, but also mind-bending, as the author comments: "I have taken private lessons with numerous renowned CS strategists so I can ask the same question each time: “What am I to predict?”"

Wait, Counter-Strike lessons? GGL has an recent news story on just that, for the curious. But the author of this chess/CS article continues: "With almost every instructor except for one, I got the exact same answer. It was something along the lines of: “Predict what your opponent will do and then act to counter that”. Seems logical, however there is a problem: what if your opponent predicts what you predicted and thus putting you at a disadvantage to defend? Maybe you predicted two steps ahead and predict that the opponent would predict what you’ll probably predict and therefore act in a way to counter their counter-prediction. Why then can’t the opponent do the same?" Because his head hurts? But if you're into comparisons of the Sicilian Defense with CS tactical moves such as: "We bought Desert Eagles and smoked middle", then by all means, read on.